Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rail for Cairns? Have your say...

• considering the 50 year plus life cycle of rail infrastructure and it's lower maintenance costs, rail is equal or cheaper than bus transit systems
• rail is much better at accommodating bikes and mobility aids
• rail is unaffected by road congestion and more reliable
• rail has better popular appeal which will help public transport uptake
• Cairns already has a lot of usable rail infrastructure and corridors
• rail is much better then bus transit systems in reducing GHG emissions and has the potential for zero GHG emission transport
• rail for commuting will improve rail infrastructure which can also be used for freight transport
• committing to rail is also a commitment to a high public transport uptake
• especially on the southern corridor rail duplication is a feasible and better alternative to freeway expansion
The CAST sustainable transport petition was presented to the Member for Cairns Desley Boyle on Thursday November 6.
Nine hundred and fifteen people signed the CAST petition for the following demands:
• Adopt as a guiding principle the fundamental link between renewable energy and sustainable transport.
• Set a minimum 40% reduction target for the region's greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 in the statutory regulations.
• Adopt a proactive approach to public transport and rail freight, rather than the reactive approach advocated in the FNQ 2025 draft.
• Adopt a substantially higher target for public transport use within Cairns – not the proposed minimum target of 10% by 2036, but at least 40% by 2025.
• Immediately commit to a rail-based “spine” for a renewable energy based public transport system for Cairns (incorporating the existing Gordonvale-CBD-Redlynch rail as the first stage).